a scene worth waking up to

Poem by Beau Sia, video by Eyad Zahra, music by Dawen.

help me to remember our random joyous temple kisses, but not spend the rest of my life waiting for her lips to return.

The Philips Parallel Lines: Tell It Your Way film contest invited people to make a short film, no longer than three minutes, that contained these lines as its dialogue:

What’s that?
It’s a unicorn
Never seen one up close before
… Beautiful
Get away, get away
I’m sorry. 

The winner, as judged by acclaimed directory Ridley Scott, was Porcelain Unicorn. Watch this tale of innocence found and shattered during World War II.


Filmed entirely on a Nokia N8 cellphone, Splitscreen simultaneously shows a couple’s travels from Paris and NYC to their rendezvous in London. Splitscreen won the World’s Best Short Film award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Found at Time To Sign Off

Two guys found themselves stranded at the Dallas Fort Worth airport overnight as their flights home were cancelled. STUCK is a brief summary of the events that took place that night.

By NQMN, this speaks for itself.

To Claire; from Sonny is a letter from a boy to the girl he loves.

Your muscles have a certain memory about them. That’s why we can tie our shoes or play piano without looking. But then you spend a long enough time with someone, and your bodies memorise each other, you know? The warmth of your back, the pace of your heartbeat, your tickly eyelashes, the way your fingers would curl in sequence when I used to play with your palm. Another person is like moving to a new country where you don’t know the language. It’s a scary thing.

UNDERCITY is a brilliant thirty-minute documentary directed and shot by by Andrew Wonder. With urban explorer Steve Duncan, he traverses the subway tunnels and sewers of New York City and climbs to the top of the Williamsberg Bridge.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, UNDERCITY is a breath-taking look into what’s under the surface of the cities that we live in and take for granted. Wonder and Duncan take us on a exhilarating ride, showing us how the most amazing things could be right at our doorstep, if only we looked at them differently.

For more information, you can check out these articles, NPR.org / NYtimes.com.


Alexandre Dubosc’s short film “Alimation” shows a series of ingenious and extremely appetizing animations made with food, culminating in a really sweet zoetrope effect.

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Stella’s Voice is an informational video about the horror’s faced by the orphans of Moldova and the answer to that need. Moldova is considered the source engine for sex trafficking/human trafficking in Europe. The US Ambassador called it a “Silent Genocide” of the countries young women.


Tune For Two (2011), an execution takes an unexpected turn.

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